Givanas Nigeria Limited
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While the country has suffered from a volatile political landscape over the years, it still stands as one of Africa’s strongest and thriving economies with its vast consuming population, oil reserves, industrial capacities, and trade opportunities. Our group of companies has become synonymous with exceptional service and strategic market insight.  We understand the intricacies of conducting business in Nigeria – a country that offers ample opportunities and rewards to companies which invest in its people and its economy. We only offer high value products at the most affordable price.  We have devoted staff whose job is to sustain our high quality level and delivery standards. 

In a business that deals with commodities and commoditized business models, the personal touch is what matters. Our ultimate strategic strength has been the personal relationships that we have built with our customers and partners over the past decade.  Our value network involves leading global manufacturers and agents and leading Nigerian distributors with veritable ties between all the constituencies. 

Speed and reliability are becoming increasingly important to Nigerian customers and today all our distributors are looking for absolute commitments in our delivery times.  Our operating capability and strong ties with our value chain enable us to meet our customer’s expectations. 

We execute on our customer delivery commitments through our extensive distribution facilities in Lagos, the East, and the North.

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