Givanas Nigeria Limited
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To efficiently and consistently bring to Nigerian consumers the best value in terms of product quality, price, convenience, assortment, and customer care. 

To attain consistent growth by continuous pursuit of the vast untapped Nigerian markets.

To maximize product availability and accessibility, and customer convenience by reaching out to as wide a territorial cover as possible and as deep market segment as possible .

To maximize product assortment to serve the markets' multiple and diverse needs .

To attain industry leadership in sales volume, quality, price, and customer care 

To make this business undertaking a platform for all stakeholders to obtain reasonable gain-- respectable returns for the company, reasonable margins for the distributors, wholesalers and retailers, fair earnings for suppliers, and sufficient compensation for employees.

To improve internal business processes for a more customer-friendly, efficient and cost-effective conduct of operation. 

To equip employees with the right competency set, especially those that are operating at customer touch points.

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