Givanas Nigeria Limited
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The business is basically the nationwide distribution of consumer products. The philosophy behind the concept is bringing to Nigerian consumers high-value products, both by importation and local manufacturing.


Luna Evaporated Full Cream Milk
Luna Evaporated Low Fat Milk
Luna Powdered Milk
Luna Flavored Milk
Luna Sweet and Condensed Milk
Green Farms Filled Milk


Tea Pot

Canned Sea Foods

Evita Sardines 
Evita Corned Beef 



Processed Vegetable
Luna Baked Beans
Evita Tomato Paste

Bath Soap

Hala Beauty Soap
April Beauty Soap
Medicell Medicated Soap 

Hygiene Products
Happies Diapers
Dri Fit Diapers
Fam Feminine Pads


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