Givanas Nigeria Limited
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We are a dynamic group of companies marketing a wide range of fast moving consumer goods and serving Nigerian distributors, customers and markets since 1989. Leading global manufacturers and suppliers have depended on our reliability, expertise, distribution network, and execution excellence in reaching the diverse and extensive Nigerian markets. 
Over the years, we have grown and led by making constant progress. But throughout our evolution, we have focused on a set of core values that display trust and trustworthiness in all our actions. Our companies embrace a culture that is disciplined and driven; yet grounded in solid imperatives such as honesty, ownership, trust, speed, urgency, and customer orientation. 

Our major subsidiaries provide the backward and forward linkage and support to its operation.  Together the five companies comprise the Givanas Group of Companies. 

Givanas Nigeria Limited: Is the distribution arm of Givanas group of companies. It is an FMCG specialist in the distribution of a range of imported food products like liquid and powdered milk, tea, sardines, and other canned vegetables, imported non-food products  like diapers and feminine pads, and locally-manufactured non-food products like bath soap. Givanas Nigeria Limited employs approximately 75 qualified employees. 

Givanas industry:  Is the manufacturing arm of Givanas Nigeria Limited, specialized in beauty & medicated soap. Number of employees in Givanas industry is 169. 

Negatrex Limited:  Importer and distributor of chemicals, vehicle tires, automotive batteries, soap chemicals and scents; manufacturer of body care products, perfumes, toiletries and other beauty products. Negatrex Limited has more than 96 dedicated employees.  

O Tree SAL:   An offshore company established in April 29, 2010 aimed at facilitating the sourcing, trading and financing of existing and new products. 

Givanas Charitable Foundation:  The Foundation built on the belief that the inevitable path to a successful society is held within the acquired and innate achievements of each of its citizens. The Givanas Charitable Foundation devotes its philanthropic activities to bettering the Health, Economic and Education aspect of the under privileged. Hereafter, becoming a partner in the process of unleashing the potentials of grassroots communities and incite their members to becoming efficiently active within their societies. So far the foundation has been contributing to the education of more than 30 students in Nigeria, Lebanon and Europe.  

All five companies within the Givanas Group are autonomous units, with a great degree of complementation and coordination among them.

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