Givanas Nigeria Limited
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Established in 1993 as a trading business, Givanas Nigeria Ltd is an FMCG company that has now become one of the most progressive business organizations in Nigeria, with common household products and reference brands. 
Givanas began operations through the penetration of the milk market. With an exclusive partnership with one of Saudi Arabia and the world’s leading food manufactures, National Food Company Ltd (NFIC), Givanas now commands the second leading market share in the milk sector. 

Our main imported products, Luna Evaporated Milk, Luna Liquid Milk, Luna Green Peas, Luna Baked Beans, have attained a highly regarded and respected brand status. Due to our sustainable growth and the opportunities available in Nigeria, NFIC will invest in setting up a milk manufacturing and packaging facility in Mid-West Nigeria, partnering with Givanas as the sole distributor of the products. Our ambitions to serve the Nigerian market have enabled us to conclude a partnership with Singaporean top food Leader. Our imported product, Evita Sardine & Spread Margarine has been leading competitive threats to other products. Givanas has led its ambition to other parts of the world, such as Sirilanka, where our “Tea Pot” brand is being manufactured and imported from.  

To add non-food lines to its business, Givanas contracted Indevco group for supply of various brands of baby diapers: Dry Fit, Happies, Kiddy, My Baby.  It also entered in a distributorship agreement with Sanita, Indevco for the marketing of Fam brand of feminine pads.  Givanas has taken its industry to a wider dimension with the set up of a soap factory in Lagos. The factory currently produces more than 200,000 Soap bars daily. Our product, Hala Beauty Soap, comes in 5 different fragrances and is witnessing sustainable increase in demand. Other consumer products along the body care line under April brand name are manufactured by another subsidiary, Negatrex Limited, which also carries imported industrial products like chemicals, vehicle tires and batteries, and soap raw materials.

Ably steered by a team of professionals headed by its Managing Director Samir Ajami, Givanas Nigeria Ltd is now one of the leading companies in the various markets it has entered.  The company continues to pursue diversification, growth and excellence as it places high value on commitment to customers, on investment in people who contribute to its business success, and on payback to the general public for years of loyal patronage.

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